About the artist:

Fabienne Louis is inspired by the flow of life and the solace of Nature. Through her lens, she reflects upon the underlying desire to connect with the joy of life. She takes her viewers on a journey to see the beauty of the world around them.

A native of France, Fabienne has traveled internationally. She studied fine art and interior design in Paris. In 2004, she moved to the New York City area. Working in the interior design industry and continuing her training at the Fashion Institute of Technology and at the New York City Art Student League, she discovered techniques that enabled her to move from realistic to abstract forms. During the following years, she experienced unexpected life challenges. Healing through Art in 2014 , she turned her passion for painting into a profession. Her work in acrylic and mixed media, with their vibrant and radiant color combinations, presents an opportunity for the viewers to awaken their senses and take them on a energizing, inspiring journey to see the beauty in life.


About the art:

It is an invitation to find an inner refuge to pause, recharge and raise our vibrations.

Painting abstract forms of nature is my personal way of expressing my feelings, emotions and how I experience the world. Before I begin to paint, I meditate for few minutes which connect me to that little voice within. Intuitively, my brush moves and syncs with the energy around me. And I become a messenger translating emotions and feelings into the paintings. Acrylic allows me to paint with ease and to play with the intensity of colors to emphasize the power of Nature. One color gives life to the next by creating contrast and movement.

I  have always been inspired by the Impressionists, Monet is my favorite, I use a bright palette to  intensify a serene setting showing the enormous impact that the colors of Nature has on our life. My art recreates the instinctive bond between us and nature as a healing catalyst by capturing the beauty, sense of balance and harmony in flowers, trees, sunsets, oceans, mountains. The paintings translate the chi, the life force energy, which rejuvenates, invigorates and bring us to a place of contentment...