Painting abstract forms of nature is my personal way of overcoming life’s challenges. Acrylic allows me to paint fast to illustrate my life as quickly as it goes by. We can’t hold an event - a moment, an emotion, a memory - we must adjust and create anew. I play with the intensity of color to emphasize the power of nature. One color gives life to the next by creating contrast and movement. I explore this correlation with Impressionist techniques, using a bright palette that intensifies a serene setting. I love to paint in large scale to reflect the enormous impact that nature has on our lives.

Uncertainty is the first part of a larger project inspired by the stories of people I’ve met during my travels. Some of them faced challenges such as sickness, poverty, abuse, discrimination, migration and loss of family. As I paint, I reflect on the world’s injustices and the many difficulties we endure. In times of Uncertainty, nature remains a refuge of beauty and shows us endless opportunities. Nature is an infinite source of inspiration that allows us to step back, put life into perspective and find answers.