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I believe that inspiration has the power to induce transformation and that every moment is a catalyst for change!

Sometimes, when we face challenges, we feel the need to reinvent ourselves. A few years ago, I tried to follow everyone else’s principles of success and I completely lost myself in the process.

My wake-up call inspired me to take better care of myself!

Now, I’m on a mission to guide, inspire, empower people looking for a change towards self-discovery and transformation. I created this innovative space to share my experiences, reflections through creativity, inspirations, mindfulness techniques about happiness and a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you're looking for a new version of yourself or just interested in better well-being, you’re in the right place!

Welcome to your source of inspiration!


About my art:

It is an invitation to find an inner refuge to pause, recharge and raise our vibrations.

Painting abstract forms of nature is my personal way of expressing my feelings, emotions and how I experience the world. Before I begin to paint, I meditate for few minutes which connect me to that little voice within. Intuitively, my brush moves and syncs with the energy around me. And I become a messenger translating emotions and feelings into the paintings. Acrylic allows me to paint with ease and to play with the intensity of colors to emphasize the power of Nature. One color gives life to the next by creating contrast and movement.